Vaser Liposelection – What Is It?

Vaser Liposelection – What Is It?

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Until recently there weren’t very many decent liposuction alternatives that actually provided the results patients really wanted. Contenders for the title included dieting and, well, dieting. And as we all know, dieting doesn’t always work. You can do all the dieting and exercise you want, but certain areas of the body can be stubbornly unresponsive, no matter what we do.

So what are liposuction alternatives in Boston that actually work? With so many horror stories of liposuction gone wrong in the media, many of us chose to stay away from the surgery, fearing that liposuction surgery risks are just far too great to take on.

As with all technology though, if you give it enough time, the technology can improve to a level where the risks are minimized. And liposuction is no exception to this. You see, not only have liposuction techniques advanced and been perfected, the technology behind liposuction has also undergone a major leap forward. Vaser Liposuction in an interesting case in point.

Vaser liposelection is a revolutionary new liposuction technology that uses ultrasound energy to break up the fat before it is aspirated out of the body. There are several breakthroughs with Vaser liposelection that make it a real advancement over older liposuction technologies and techniques:

• The ultrasound energy only targets fat, other structures such as blood vessels and connective tissues are untouched. This means much less blood loss and trauma to the treated area.

• The incision sites are tiny because the cannulas used are quite small, so scars are minimal, usually fade very well in time, and often become practically invisible.

• There is far less post-operative pain as the Vaser is gentler on the body.

• Because a liposuction procedure incorporating the Vaser technology causes far less trauma to the body, healing times are much faster. Oftentimes people can return to their daily routine within a few days

• Vaser liposuction is usually performed under local anesthesia. So the risks associated with general anesthesia can be eliminated altogether.

• There is usually no overnight hospital stay, so there’s a lot less chance of coming into contact with hospital super bugs.

With these advances in the technology, cosmetic surgeons have been quick to adapt and refine their liposuction techniques, producing far better, smoother results for their patients. Yes, Vaser liposelection is still considered a cosmetic surgery, but one that more and more people are finding an acceptable alternative to traditional liposuction due to the reduced risks involved.

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